What Are The Advantages of Degradable Disposable Takeaway Paper Boxes

With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, more and more consumers choose take-out to solve the problem of three meals, and take-out businesses generally use disposable lunch boxes to save costs. However, consumers are often aware that most of the boxes sold at home and abroad are made of plastic, which not only easily leads to health problems but also pollutes the environment because of long degradation time. However, with the development of science and technology, the advantages of fully degradable disposable takeaway packaging boxes have gradually appeared in the consumer’s vision.

1.convenient and fast
The function and performance of the disposable take-away packaging box are almost the same as that of the traditional take-away plastic lunch box, and convenient as the characteristics of the disposable lunch box, the fully-degraded lunch box also has this advantage, which is suitable for take-out packaging, outdoor restaurant packaging, picnic packaging and other scenarios, providing consumers with convenient and fast food packaging services.
2.Protect the environment
Reliable fully degradable disposable takeout packaging boxes mainly use starch, cassava, food fiber and other food grade raw materials, from nature to nature, even if the lack of standardized treatment measures after use is difficult to cause too much damage to the environment. Because its degradation rate is more energy efficient than traditional lunch boxes, it can be absorbed by the land and resolved, so it not only has almost no harm to the natural environment, but even can be used as land fertilizer.
3.Health and safety
Consumers’ concerns about plastic lunch boxes that cannot be reused are nothing more than safety issues, and the food-grade raw materials used in fully degradable disposable takeaway boxes can make consumers feel free to worry. Worthy of the full degradation of disposable takeaway packaging box to protect the health of consumers, in the face of high temperature it will not release toxic substances, long-term use of consumers will not lead to toxic substances into the body to pose a threat to health.
The above only briefly introduces the three advantages of fully degradable disposable takeaway packaging boxes, but it can be seen that it has advantages over traditional plastic lunch boxes. Naturally degradable, convenient and safe in line with the quality of life pursued by modern consumers, and in line with the concept of green environmental protection required by modern society. It provides another way to solve the problem that traditional lunch boxes pollute the environment and are difficult to degrade.

Post time: Jun-26-2023