The future of China’s special paper industry can be expected

Consumer paper forms the main force of specialty paper products .Looking at the composition of the global specialty paper industry, food wrapping paper is the largest subdivision of the specialty paper industry at present. Food packaging paper refers to the special paper and cardboard used in the food industry packaging, with safety, oil proof, waterproof and other characteristics, widely used in convenience food, snack food, catering, takeaway food, hot drinks and other packaging. With the promotion of environmental awareness around the world, “paper instead of plastic” has become a policy being practiced in Europe and China, and food packaging paper will not only benefit from consumption growth, but also the replacement of traditional plastic products will graft a second growth curve. According to a joint survey by UPM and SmithersPira, the proportion of fiber products in the global food packaging market in 2021 is 34%, while the proportion of polymers is 52%, and the proportion of fiber products in the global food packaging market is expected to rise to 41% in 2040, and the proportion of polymers will fall to 26%.
China’s special paper industry sprouting in the 1970s, since the 1990s began to develop widely, so far, a total of five stages of development, through imitation to technology digestion, independent innovation, from import-based to import substitution, and then from import substitution to net export process. Standing at the current point, we believe that China’s special paper industry has opened a new chapter in participating in the global market competition, and China is expected to replace Europe as the new hegemon of the global special paper industry.
For international specialty paper head companies, we believe that Xianhe and Wuzhou have the ability to evolve into international leading enterprises, and are the two companies that have the most opportunity to represent China’s specialty paper industry and participate in global competition in the future. From the perspective of inherent genetic attributes, we believe that Xianhe shares are very similar to the global leader Oslon, and Wuzhou’s business strategy is similar to Schwetzemodi, which is not a wide track, but is good at digging deep and making market share.

Post time: Jul-03-2023