Learn About What Influences Printing

Ningbo Hongtai was established in 2015, located in Yuyao city with convenient transportation access, near to Ningbo port. Hongtai is a leading manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of disposable range , Especially personalised paper napkins, and other related paper products. After many years development, Hongtai has successfully transitioned and established itself as one of the high-tech printing enterprises.

Today let Hongtai take you to understand our Disposable Paper Napkins printing knowledge, what is the impact of printing? 

Printed paper Serviette


Raw paper material for disposable paper napkin

Paper in the printing process is required, no matter from the gram weight, width or the number of layers will have an impact on the printing .

–Gram weight for Printed Napkin is not enough to meet the requirements, will affect our printing quality, such as the thickness of the printed product is not enough, or can not be detected.

–Width: The width for Printed Serviette becomes larger and smaller on the printed product will also have an impact, the width will appear white edge, the small will appear dirty edge, in addition to the packaging of the later process will also have an impact, because the bag used in the packaging, the outer box have a specified size.

–The raw material paper swings seriously, because the swing amplitude is too large and the correction mac.

–The  paper is loose, because the base paper is loose, the tension is unstable and the printing will appear inaccurate hine cannot be corrected, so that the printed matter appears white and dirty .

–Raw material paper stratification, in the printing process, if the base paper is pressed when it is not pressed, the printing will appear wrinkled, overprinting is not allowed, white edge and so on.

--Raw material paper ash, ash everywhere flying printing will appear paste plate, the pattern is not clear .

Post time: Sep-22-2023